The Cowpoke Fall Gathering is bringing creative writing to students in the Loomis Union School District. Last year 4th and 7th grade students were introduced to the basics of writing, rhyming/narrative poetry by Larry Maurice, cowboy poet, storyteller and lecturer.

Larry Maurice has been a working cowboy in California and Nevada for the past twenty five year’s, and his first-hand knowledge of the trade gives the credibility to his work that is so necessary when working with younger audiences. Honored by the Academy of Western Artists with the Will Rogers Award, as “Cowboy Poet of the Year 2000”, Larry makes the cattle drives, characters and critters of the old west come alive through poetry, stories and song.

Each student will learn about the history of the Old West and will take part in writing their own cowboy poetry with the help of images and information provided in class. The students will develop basic story lines and then recite a finished poem. The instruction is almost as fun as the final product. “It’s so easy even a cowboy can do it”, helps to remove some of the stereotypes and mysteries of poetry. As in past years, students have an opportunity to recite their completed poetry during a special morning show. Admission is free and family and friends are all welcome. The student program begins at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday at the Blue Goose Event Center.